Ability to hide unopened/closed bank account

It would be great to be able to add an account opening and closing dates in the Account edit form. This way, you could automatically hide closed or unopened bank accounts depending on the requested timeframe, instead of showing them forever with a balance of 0.
It would also make sense to be able to specify starting/ending dates for employees/owners to hide them when they are no longer involved with the company.

In the Summary tab, if a user has active accounts at multiple institutions, it may be good to display the bank name along with the account name (for example My Bank | Savings Account), otherwise we have to write the bank name in the account title which does not seem to be recommended.


Iā€™d like to revive this topic.

Hiding inactive bank accounts, asset accounts de-clutters summary screen. Possibly customize summary screen to leave these out?

Also would like to be able to store more data regarding bank accounts, or asset accounts serving as say building society accounts, so contact details, codes, etc can de saved.


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In the latest version, you can create custom fields on Cash accounts too. Ability to hide inactive cash accounts will be coming later.