Active customer count

Is there any option to review only the active customers and not inactive too?

Thank you.

What do you mean by “review?” In the Customers tab, inactive customers are moved to the bottom of the list and greyed out.

Yes, but to the home page are seen as a whole even if they’ re inactive. For exampe : 10 active and 10 inactive moved to the bottom of the list and greyed out as you said. But i see 20 customers to the home page. Not 10 (active).

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Perhaps you are confusing Manager, an accounting program, with a customer relationship management system. Those customers, although inactive, are still part of your accounting records and contribute to your balance sheet. Once a customer, always a customer.

No my friend. Before the last update, i could see (as a number summary) only the active customers. And the inactive greyed. For exampe : I have 50 customers total. The 10 are inactive and greyed. But in the home page before the update i could see 40. And the other 10 only greyed when i click to customers.

Sorry for my english. Hope u understand the point.

Thank you.

What do you mean by this statement? See only active customers where? Both active and inactive customers have always been included in the Customers tab list.

What are you referring to as “the home page?” Please use terminology from the program. No page in Manager is called the “home page.” Post a screen shot of a screen from the program where you believe something is showing that should not, and explain in detail what you think should show instead.

To the Summary. When I open my business to the program. To the Customer tab there was displayed only the active customers and not the total (inactive too).
Yes both inactive and active customers always been incuded. And inactive greyed. But as a total no. I could see only active in Summary. I can’t send screenshot right now.

I can confirm that this has changed in the latest version (

Here is a screen image from version 23.3. something - I downloaded and installed this on Monday 3 April
With 5 customers, 1 inactive - Customer tab shows 4

and now version

Thank you. That’s what i mean.

OK. Now I know what you are referring to, @AnasVlg.

The program may, at some point in the past, have had inconsistencies in how inactive subsidiary ledgers affected the counters in the left navigation pane. But the behavior @Joe91 illustrated seems consistent across tabs in v23.4.4.755.

For example, in a test business with 3 total customers, of which 2 are active, v23.4.4.755 shows 3 in the counter window:

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 12.00.58 PM

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 12.01.08 PM

Meanwhile, in the Employees tab, a business with 2 active and 1 inactive employee(s) shows 3 employees in the counter:

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 11.57.04 AM

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 12.07.13 PM

Likewise, a business in which 2 of 4 total bank/cash accounts are inactive, shows 4 in the Bank and Cash Accounts tab counter window:

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 12.13.30 PM

Similarly, a test cabinetmaking business with 4 fixed assets that have all been disposed, shows 4 in the Fixed Assets tab counter window:

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 12.14.52 PM

The point is, the counter windows tell you how many subsidiary ledgers there are pertaining to a particular tab, whether active or inactive. That is because all are related to data in the data file.

But let us return to your original question, @AnasVlg. This discussion of counter window agreement was a diversion. You asked whether there is any option to review only the active customers. But you have not yet explained what you mean by that.

Thank you for your time. I apologise for my english.

I mean that i would like to have an option so i can see only active customers to the Summary. From the Edit columns for example. And not inactive too as a total number.

I’m still not sure what you mean. No customer ever shows on the Summary page. Nor do transaction counts.

As you can see at Joe91’s sreenshots, there is a Customer choise on the Summary. For examle, i had 200 customers. Now i have 30. I don’t want to see the 170 inactive to the summary with the 30 active left. But only the 30 active. Not the total 200.

You can see that @Joe91 screenshots use the customer tab not the Manager summary screen (is the screen that shows when you open the business. You have to explain in more clear terms to @Tut as he requested with screenshots what you are actually referring to.

Total number of customers through the years 588
Active, about 200. My question is if there an option to seperate the active from the inactive on this screen.
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No. As I already told you in post #10 above:

Your inactive customers are just as much a part of your accounting records as your active ones. That is simply an accounting fact. The counter windows were never designed to show you how many customers (or fixed assets or bank accounts or employees or anything else) are active. They were always meant to show how many records there are of a particular type.

The reason you are able to designate certain subsidiary ledgers (customers, supppliers, employees, etc.) as inactive is only to simplify dropdown menus. For example, when you are posting a receipt to Accounts receivable, you must select the customer. The Inactive status removes a customer from that list. So, in your case, rather than scrolling through 588 customers, you only have to scroll through 200. But the easier way to select a customer is to start typing their name. The dropdown list will progressively narrow your choices as you type.

The inactive customer is no longer my customer. That’s why i won’t use that customer to post a receipt or so… If the customer use my company’s services again, then i’ ll make him active and be able to issue an invoice or a receipt to him.
I know i can type and find customer by their names. For my ussage, it’s easier to see the active and inactive seperatly.

Thank you for your time Tut. I really appreciate it.

That may be true considering how you think about the customer from a sales or marketing point of view. From an accounting point of view, they will always be your customer.

They will always be my customers. Of course. Althouth it would be easiere for me to see them seperate.

Just to shed some light on this. In the latest version, all tabs show counter indicating total rows. Both active and inactive.

Sales invoices can be also marked as inactive but I don’t think it would be right to show counter only for active invoices.

Now. There are some improvements coming that build on top of Edit Columns function. One of those improvements will allow you to see active customers only (or apply other filters). For example, you might want to see only customers that owe you for unpaid invoices, or that need to be issued invoice etc. When these improvements are added, we can revisit this issue.