Inactive customers showing before active customers in Summary

I recreated the situation in a test business for screenshot purposes. In real life I have a long list of customers, of which some have even ceased to exist. It is inconvenient to have them all mixed up in Summary. Can inactive customers be greyed out if not eliminated from this page?

From Customers tab I made some customers inactive:
Screen Shot 01-21-20 at 05.46 PM

When I drill down from Summary into Accounts Receivable I see all the customers in alphabetic order whether they are active or inactive:
Screen Shot 01-21-20 at 05.50 PM

PS. I noticed the same logic in Special Accounts, Cash & Bank Accounts, and in Suppliers.

The customer’s subsidiary register does not cease to exist when the customer is made inactive. Drilling down from the Summary reveals all subsidiary ledgers, even if they have zero balances. These zero balances are as important from an accounting perspective as any other, even if they are no longer important to you from an operational perspective.

Thank you @Tut, but my question was not about showing zero balances. My question is about why Inactive customers are treated the same as Active customers in Summary.

When the Active/Inactive switch was introduced, I understood that it was meant to hide (not delete) obsolete information from day-to-day operations. The Summary page is very much a day-to-day necessity, hence the question -
Could the Inactive customers be at least greyed out if not eliminated from Summary page as is done elsewhere (e.g. Customer page, drop-down menu when creating Sales Invoice)?

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The latest version (21.1.27) is fixing this issue across all control accounts.

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