Help With Importing Invoices

IssueDate Reference Customer BillingAddress Lines.Item Lines.Account Lines.MemberAccount Lines.BillableExpenseCustomer Lines.BillableExpenseSalesInvoice Lines.Invoice Lines.Description Lines.Qty Lines.Amount Lines.Discount Lines.DiscountAmount Lines.Debit Lines.Credit Lines.TaxCode Lines.TrackingCode Lines.ProposedAccountAmount Lines.CustomFields DueDate AmountsIncludeTax PurchaseOrderNumber InvoiceSummary SalesQuoteNumber ConversionBalance RoundingMethod DueDateType DueDateDays LatePaymentFeesPercentage TdsRate WithholdingTaxType WithholdingTaxAmount WithholdingTax Rounding InventoryLocation Discount DiscountType CustomTheme Theme EarlyPaymentDiscount EarlyPaymentDiscountType EarlyPaymentDiscountRate EarlyPaymentDiscountAmount EarlyPaymentDiscountDays DocumentHeader LatePaymentFees HasCustomTitle AutomaticReference TotalAmountInWords HideDueDate TotalAmountInBaseCurrency PartialPayment

Question 1 Please could you give me information as to what each column is for.

Question 2 I need to be able to import large numbers of invoices.

I have generally two lines one would be with VAT
and another would be with a VAT at exempt rate.

is this possible?

Yes. - the easiest way to see what you need to d, is to enter two or three typical invoices into Manager manually.

Then use the batch update feature to export the data to a spreadsheet.
This will indicate what data you need to enter.

The Batch Create data is the same without the key at the end

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Yes. Multiple lines on a transaction will appear in the same cell. You will need to expand row height to see all the entries. Again, do this with a manually entered transaction and you will see how it is done.

Also understand that many cell entries will be hexadecimal UUIDs and will not be in plain language you can understand. The process of identifying all the UUIDs can be laborious.

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Thank you so much

I did not realise that once one does a batch update you see what content is required in the columns.

Perhaps (and this is just a suggestion from someone who does not know … and is trying to learn, this should be spelled out simply and basically in the tutorial.

Further I battled to import customers, again totally my fault as I did not realise that the batch headings had to be kept in the posting of the batch … I will not make this mistake again, but perhaps for us dummies you should make this clearer than it is.

Thank you again for how quickly you responded

If you are importing a large number of invoices, this begs the question why?

Where are they coming from?

It already is. From the Batch Create section of the Guide:

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 9.11.33 AM

Again, from the Guide (notice the boldface type):

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 9.14.33 AM

And there is an illustration immediately below that statement in the Guide.

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