Help needed with new Custom Report

Dear @lubos, Dear all,

I’m trying to create a custom report that lists all the invoices’ lines (and for invoices I mean “sales invoices”, “purchase invoices”, “credit notes” and “debit notes”) which are not linked to a tax code. Can you help me?

A sort of “tracking exception report” applied to all this kind of documents since in Italy, even if the amount is not subject to IVA (VAT), it should be allocated to “Escluso ex articolo 15” and not left empty.


I need to expose Transaction Line. then you could just show ledger entries where transaction line is not empty and further where Tax Code is empty.

However, you could just use Tax Audit report which will help you find all transactions without tax code too.

How about this one?

That will give you sales invoice lines only. Transaction Line which hasn’t been added yet is a bit more generic approach so you can get lines across all transaction types on single custom report.

Thanks, I created 4 different reports, one for each category