Tax Exception Report

We actually do this with a custom reports. However I would like to see it implemented as default in Manager. Is It possible to have a tax exception report for sales invoices, purchase invoices, credit notes and debit notes? In Italy every line should be assigned to a specific tax, even a rounding of 1 cent.

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Tax Audit report can serve as a tax exception report. Why that is not sufficient?

I’m looking for a different thing. A list of all the transactions under invoices (sales invoices, purchase invoices, credit notes and debit notes), ie each line, that are not linked to any Tax Code. As said in Italy each line of an invoice should always be linked to a Tax Code. So a check would be very useful.

In Manager’s current design this could be implemented by having your custom report as one of the country specific localisations imported.

I suspect doing more than that would require a change report transformations

I already do this with a custom report. I would like something more standard, ie an integrated report or a report transformation.

Country specific localisation can include custom reports, just as they can include custom fields, accounts and tax codes.
The custom report would then be standard for Italy.

The issue with Custom Report is that it cannot be “preset” and replicated n-times for each period as report transformation. Report transformation, is, de facto, an internal report developed as an add-on. Custom report is more an artisanal thing.

Fair enough. I would like report transformations to have greater functionality. Not sure if that’s likely as I think the aim is to restrict functionality enough to ensure it’s simple enough for many users to program.

For the report you want I would write it to show all the erroneous entries only. So showing all time would function well.

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Or maybe a further step in Custom Reports dividing, as in Report Transformation, the setup form from the report generation form.

I agree that if something is country-specific requirement, then users should not be asked to create custom reports to cater for this.

But I think we need to take this one step at a time. When it comes to implementing country-specific functionality in Manager, I’d always start with country-specific tax summary report. And then branch out from there.

Netherlands has something like this.

Can we get something similar for Italy first? Is it possible within existing framework? If not, what’s needed?

But it is not something that’s country specific. I think you’re missing the point completely here. Tax exception report is a global thing and should be a standard report.

Tax audit allows users to correct errors where a tax code have been assigned incorrectly. But what if a tax code was not assigned where it should be? There’s absolutely no way to tell at the moment.

The purpose of tax exception report is to summarize all the lines in transaction where a tax code haven’t been assigned. It should be grouped by transaction type (i.e. sales Invoices, credit notes, purchase invoices, debit notes, receipts and payments, expense claims, payslips, journals, etc.)

For example, if a business completely relies on invoices to record his taxable sales and has no sales that are exempt, they should just look at the tax exception report, drill down the sales invoices amount and assign each transaction with a proper tax code. Bullet dodged with ease.

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I agree. Probably there should be a check list to select which transaction types (i.e. sales Invoices, credit notes, purchase invoices, debit notes, receipts and payments, expense claims, payslips, journals, etc.) should be monitored since every business and/or nation can be different.

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Agreed, so will add to Ideas

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