HELP in inventory & Rounding

  1. anyway we can add an inventory location column in the inventory items tab, where it would define whats in each for multiple locations? or pick the columns to show ourselves, or at least add enhanced filter for search bar

  2. adding rounding to receipts or purchase invoices since the suppliers system already doing his own rounding

  3. Rounding in sales invoice doesn’t work for the Lebanese currency as it seems it doesn’t round after decimal points, wheres the Lebanese currency is being dealt\rounded by 250 (1500LBP/1USD)

  4. average cost is good when things around are stable, but i realized average cost doesn’t take the cost from invoice\ receipt itself, but does a normal automatic currency value calculation… i am based in Lebanon, for the past couple of months there has been a lot of events which made me purchase with the suppliers own set currency and each time it rises\differs…
    if possible for me to see average cost based on what i payed and not have that go to foreign exchange rate… seeing wins and losses based on the exchange is good but i need this to b seen by the average cost and add to the price cost, so i can b updated on the average price of what i have due to what i paid… i can change prices from the invoices but i prefer to keep it as from the supplier for not manipulating with original invoices

  5. can we have more freedom with reports, like if i wanted to do a report for inventory location for one location only, or a report for one currency, non-custom reports are so helpful but sometimes i like to tweak this report filtering some options for a closer view

if anything, am so happy that i joined ur community and decided to implement it to my business after a year of observing ur improvements… keep it up!

Using your numbering system:

  1. Depending on other tabs you have enabled, there can be up to 4 quantity columns already, showing quantities in various statuses. Breaking all this down by inventory location would quickly become unwieldy. To see how much of each item you have at different locations in each status category, click on the number to drill down. You can also use the Inventory Quantity by Location report.

  2. Receipts do not offer a rounding option because they represent actual monetary amounts coming into the business. They must be exact. Purchase invoices do not allow rounding because (a) your system of rounding might not match your supplier’s and (b) any rounding by your supplier is effectively a price change and should be entered at the actual price charged. This has been discussed many times in other topics of the forum. Search to find those discussions and explanations.

  3. You need to explain further. You call this rounding, but you describe an xchange rate. If you think there is a problem, illustrate with screen shots.

Average cost is calculated from the entire previous purchase history for the item. Inventory on hand balances are converted to the base currency if items are purchased in foreign currencies. Foreign exchange gains and losses are entirely separate. What you ask for is not possible, nor would it make accounting sense.

There are no automatic currency value calculations by Manager. All currency conversions depend on your entered exchange rates or forced conversions when transactions allow entry of equivalent currency amounts.

  1. This is why reports can be exported or copied to the clipboard. That way, you can make whatever report you want in a spreadsheet.

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