Help - How do I use inventory kits?

Hi, I hope someone out there can help please. I’ve created a number of inventory kits but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get them into a Sales Invoice. I’ve checked the guides and unfortunately they’re not much help. Do I need to add these to Inventory Items before I can use them? Can anyone give me a “do this, do that” quick guide on how to invoice for these items please? Thanks for your help.

You say you have created a number of Inventory kits, have you also added the stock?
When creating a Sales Invoice go to account (greyed out suspense) and select “Inventory - Sales”.
This will create a new box called “Inventory Item”, this is where you select your kits.

The “Selling Inventory” Guide tells you the same thing

Recording the sale of inventory can be done using Sales invoices, Receive money under Bank accounts, Cash accounts or by Journal entry. To record the sale of inventory allocate the sale to** Inventory - sales account and select the inventory item.**

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Hi Brucanna, thanks for replying so quickly. I haven’t added the kits as stock so I assume I need to do this as per your reply. I’ll also have a look at the Selling Inventory guide as you suggest and have a go at following the instructions in your last para. Again, thanks so much for your reply, its much appreciated.

Not sure what this means. Once inventory kit is created, you can use it on your sales invoices by selecting Inventory - sales account, then selecting inventory kit.

To be clear, @icrashin2000, creating a kit does not move its components into or out of inventory. It only sets it up as a sort of group item so you don’t have to enter individual components when dealing with things that are sold/purchased together.

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Hi Tut and Lubos, thanks for your replies. Tut, I think I knew the inventory was only taken when the kit was sold but I wrongly though the kits had to also be created in Inventory on Hand. I’ve been playing with this in a “Sandpit” test database now, and I understand how it works. many thanks for your help and quick replies. Its much appreciated.

Go to New Sales invoice, under ‘Account’ scroll down to sales of inventory items… all your inventory items AND kits should be right there… and I second that the guide is really not at all helpful…

Are your inventory kits there?

Hi Crystal, yes all the kits are now showing. Thanks for responding.