Hello to everyone, Just introducing myself!

Hi, my name is Nicos and i would like first to thank everyone involved in both creating Manager and supporting its user base. I have been looking over the forums, reading guides and have downloaded Manager to my computer to play around with it on a trial basis and learn how to use it.

I am currently studying manual bookkeeping and am in process of planning my first start up company that will trade online via the normal channels (ebay, amazon, website). It was my initial plan to do all the bookkeeping manually in accordance with what i am studying at present, however it soon became apparent to me that this will be too time consuming and complicated compared to using software to do it for me.

Thats what lead me eventually to this website. Once hear i was really impressed in particular by the layout/information contained in the guides section and by how helpful and supportive the forums are.

As a noob to accounting software it’s the explanations/breakdowns in the guides and ease of entry into manager that attracts me so much. I plan to launch in around 8-12 weeks and hope to have a good bookkeeping and inventory system ready. Hopefully Manager is going to be my choice going forward.

This post is just a general hello and thank you to Managers existing forum members and its developers. Hopefully i will see you around the forums as i do have questions but will do some more research before asking questions :slight_smile:


Welcome to Manager :smiley:

You have come to the right place. One of the biggest wins of Manager is its simplicity. Its very easy to use even for non accountants. I would never go back to using something like Excel ever again - far too time consuming!

Yes, create a dummy business, play with the settings and after a couple of weeks of creating transactions, you can see how the program works. The best way to learn how to use the program is to play around with it on a trial basis in conjunction with the Reading Guides which are very detailed.

Hope that you have fun using the program. :smiley:

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Thanks for the welcome @dalacor

This is most definately a great program, i was up all last night going over guides and watching the youtube videos to familiarize myself with it :slight_smile:

There are some things im not to sure about how to handle but as you said, couple weeks entering transactions should clear up most of my queries.

Ill be opening a thread soon as i do have a few Q’s in regards to handling inventory and a few other things. Look forward to seeing you in the forums and thanks again for the welcome.

Be advised those videos are not produced by Manager’s developer, are unsupported, and are far, far, out of date. Many features they describe have changed. You are best to stick with the official Guides.


Thanks @Tut i did realise they were really old vids, i was mainly watching them to get my head around the flow of things but soon realised things were different in manager so used the guides to find specifics.

Was watching the vids on this channel “OBM Manager Tutorials” and to be fair they did help a little :slight_smile:

Hello @Nicos, and welcome!

I started using Manager myself only a few months ago, and have found it extremely powerful.

Here’s to hoping that your business launch in 8-12 weeks goes well :slight_smile:

Hi @ShaneAU, thanks for the welcome and good wishes!

Did you start with manager or did you transfer from an existing system?

I also noticed you are a web developer, do you construct sites for people?

I started using Excel, and then Google Sheets, and had it working quite well.

My main reason for searching for an accounting system was the ability to attach documentation (i.e. there is no way to attach an invoice PDF to a cell in Excel) and to reconcile with a bank account.

Until recently, I’d moved everything except work-related travel in my personal vehicle over to Manager. As of a few days ago, I’ve moved that across as well.

It’s extremely flexible, and I like the direction the developer is taking it.

Yes, that is correct - so like yourself I sell online, although in my particular case there’s no need for eBay / Amazon.

I’m working on an internal project that connects to the Manager API, which is another reason for me choosing this as my accounting system - it’s flexible enough that I can build my own front-end / customer portal.

What is your business? Based on another of your topics, I received the impression that you’re planning to sell computer hardware and parts?


Correct i will be selling hardware and parts while using the parts i stock to complete repair jobs on smart devices, laptops and gaming consoles etc

upon start up, only parts and hardware will be sold as i will be working from home, as soon as revenue permits i will secure a small office to work from and then will be offering services via a mail in service or appointment only (no wish for a shop at all).

This is the point where i am going to need a website and as i know very little in terms of web design its a main concern of mine, hence my interest.
I have a clear enough picture of what i want but i’m unsure how to best document and build my ideas/content in a way that will be usable for a web designer when needed?

From your perspective, what would be an ideal situation in regards to what/how a customer would convey their needs?

For the time being i thought of using something like wordpress, filling in as much information as i can and then presenting this to a web designer when ready for them to build from.

Appreciate any comments that could help me better prepare for this moment.

Let’s please continue the personal discussion via Personal Messages. Keep the Forum for discussion about Manager.

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