Tips for new User for manger Accounts

Hi I have only just started Manager - Can any one offer tips on what I should be doing - not got my head around the bank reconciliation yet. But like what i am seeing so far -

Follow the guides of Manager what u need. It’s a great accounting software.

The best two tips that I can give are the following:

Create a test business account and just create dummy transactions. You learn far more about the program this way than by following tutorials etc. You should also go through the tutorials found under guides and there are Youtube videos under partners.

The second tip that I recommend which I did myself is write out in a word document a step by step guide to what you want to accomplish with the accounting software (other than doing your taxes and paying bills). For example, I have four divisions - computer sales, broadband, backup and website services. So one of the things that I wanted to accomplish was to work out how much money I make on each division. So I wrote down what expense accounts and income accounts I should be using as well as how to setup tracking codes to accomplish my tasks.

In short, instead of just entering in data in Manager, it helps to write down a plan of what you actually want to do with the deta. So you would want to calculate your taxes, determine income on xyzk, see how much you spend on petrol - stuff like that. Then you create your accounts and tracking codes etc accordingly.

Create a dummy business and play with all the settings and write down what each thing does - this is what I did and I understand the program far better than some people who have been using the program far longer than I.

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I did almost exactly the same thing. I created a table describing what would be allocated to each account. In doing this, I thought not only about my business objectives, but also researched the tax requirements. My idea on that was that, if I was ever audited, my numbers from Manager would conveniently line up with all legal requirements, as well as the auditor’s expectations.

When that was finished, I added procedural notes about how I would record typical events. This has been very helpful, especially when some things I thought would occur frequently turn out to be occasional. I found I wouldn’t remember the procedure the next time around. I made a point in these procedures to specify what was being debited and what was being credited, because Manager’s convenient approaches frequently do this for you, so you tend to forget if you’re not an experienced accountant.

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I’m new with Medium (but have used most other accounts packages).
Though I’ve gone through the helpful Guides – I’m finding great value in the Forum.

I lead a non-profit with rather advanced reporting requirements.
Have a farm that has reporting nuances with COGs and “prime producer” input accounting.
Have my own consulting sole-trader ABN… and to keep things interesting…
Am M.D. of a Pty. Ltd. with GST & PAYG reporting, etc., etc.

I’ve long envisioned a single program as “Manager” of these varied accounts.
Of the many I have tried diligently to implement – all have come up short…
Until now – I get a sense that Manager could be the perfect balance of extensible, capable, and intuitive. All the while, being well supported, attractive to look at and use, and compelling overall value.

My chart(s) of what I want for each entity in an accounting program is detailed, prioritised, updated, and tracked – much like Manager. Thanks for such a great and powerful tool – and thanks too for the insights and community of support – much appreciated!