Footer text for payment & receipt

Is it possible to add text or remarks on payment or receipt?

for example :-

  • This is a computer generated Invoice and needs no signature

or I can add some fields for Authorized signature or received by. This is important for acknowledged purpose or audit.

I think that should be an advantage for this software

For payment terms and condition, go to Settings, then Sales Invoice Template, then type text in the box. This text will appear as a footer on all invoices until they are paid in full.

For a comment such as your computer-generated invoice example, enter the desired text in the Notes field as you create a sales invoice. To have the same note appear on all invoices, click on the blue “set default” link and fill in the desired default text. All subsequent invoices will begin with that text in the Notes field. But you can overwrite or delete the default text as you create an invoice, so this feature is useful if you frequently, but not always, include the same note.

For your authorized signature, you can type in the desired words and create an underline, as well.

For more exotic changes, see the Guides concerning View Templates. Changes made via that route require HTML knowledge.

I meant in payment when we spend money and receipt when we receive money. Maybe u can add notes text box there. Some people denied that we are paid their invoice because no prove that they received the payment. So it,s important to have notes text box in payment & receipt transaction.

I know what you mean. It’s not currently possible for Manager add this box on payment or receipt print-outs but it won’t take too long before it’s actually possible. I’m planning to extend support of View Templates across all printable content before end of this month. This will mean everything you print from Manager for customer or supplier will be customizable via HTML.

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@lubos i would like to have 2 receipts of different business details i hope the view templates will be available soon

hi lubos,
Is it still an idea or made any changes

@uniquefurniture, you are responding to a thread over three years old, which is completely obsolete. Please don’t scatter essentially the same question on multiple threads.