Loss of data

My computer not turn in i make format i dont have the data how to get back my data?

i dont think this is the right place to ask for this, however
1- stop using that computer
2-go to a specialised center so they can try to recover it

2/1- if you want to do it by yourself, there are software for recover after format
GetDataBack for ntfs is one, (Tut i hope is allowed to share the name)

  • Note. There is a very low chance you can recover the data, they are recoverable only if your system didnt write something else in that Disk sector

-BEst practice is to remove the hardrive and add it as secondary hard drive on another computer where you have installed the recovery software and scan for recoverable files

  • choose to save recoverable files in another HDD not in the Same you formated

Always keep 2 partitions on your computer System and Data and save important things in Data partitions, so even if you need to format you can format the system install new OS and Data will remain intact

I get back the data but manager not working

Invalid file format

Any help

is this any help?

Where are your business backups? you can import them as a new business

try the second file in the screenshot
double click directly and then backup and import
or try import it directly

– if you recovered with file recovery software is possible they are incomplete or corrupted
file recovered by software arent always good

Second one

@MODG, you should not be trying to open the files in the application data folder. You should only open the program itself. The program calls data from the files you showed in your screen shot.

I tried to open directy i get the last attachment
I tried to add buissnes by import i get msg file format invalid
Can someone be online by teamviewer to try solving this problem?

Any help plz?


@MODG, you did not explain where your first screen shot was obtained. Is this from recovered data? If so, how was it recovered?

Also, you did not answer @Joe91’s question: Where are your business backups? Do you even have backups? Have you tried to import and open a backup? (This situation shows the importance of making regular backups on a separate drive.)

Yes from recovered data
I dont have new backup
If i try in another computer will run?
I have an backup from april so when i make import its working but recovered data not working

Clearly, your “recovered” data was not fully recovered. You have two choices:

  1. Use your April backup and re-enter all transactions since then.

  2. Try other recovery software. At this point, I would recommend professional data recovery assistance. Some of the so-called data recovery software available actually corrupts data.

which program i can use for recovery?

I won’t recommend a program. I recommended professional help.

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I’ve seen the same here on my installation… I had OneDrive corrupt my manager files with versioning/synch issues and renamed them as per your screenshot into disjointed and nonsense files.

Try and open from WITHIN manager (i.e. at the Add Business -> Import Business) and eventually you’ll grab the right one… then rename the business, and the file.

Don’t panic yet… but soon. (and don’t use that computer, backups, multiple partitions, expert help etc. all great advice)