Half paid

how to enter payment with date if invoice is partly paid after few days.

Just receive the amount in your cash accounts. Select the date, eneter a reference number if any like bank transaction number or cheque number, select customer and select accounts receivable under account type.

i have a customer, he has purchased 2nd time. for first invoice he is paying 75% of amount and for second invoice he is not paying anything. i mean how will i enter the payment which should reflect with date in customer statment.

You can directly click receive money button when viewing invoice.

Or you can simply receive money from your cash account and select the customer who is paying you. You need to select Accounts receivable under Account column then select the customer in the next column. Enter the amount and save.

I think you should read the guides first. You have been asking all the basic questions which are already explained in the guides.


payment was done today 2700 i mean i should get 2days date and amount on statement of customer

You are viewing Unpaid Invoices. You should select Transactions

but please understand this 2700 was paid 2day only

the report you are viewing is not the transactions related to the customer. its just a report of the invoices he has not paid you.

sorry i am disturbing you i need a report in which it will show me . amount paid like he paid 2700 i cant see the figure with date anywhere

Select Transaction when you generate Customer statements.

thanks a ton dear i selected transaction it showed me everything

@himayun19, the second response to your question suggested that you read the Guides. Did you read this one: https://www.manager.io/guides/how-to/receive-money. It includes instructions for partial payments. Always read the Guides first.