Forum links to updates & guides?

Perhaps there has been one to many reds, but links to the versions & guides have gone walkabouts.
What the blurry eyes were expecting to see is this:

But what they are seeing is this:

Have tried both Internet Explorer & Google Chrome, or is there some other new hidey hole.

For the moment you can get it to like this

I guess the website is being updated as the main page where you see the releases has also been changed quite a bit.

Thanks, I did use that, but there should at least be a link to “Home” page, rather then editing the URL

The Guides page doesn’t have that limitation:

I suspect its just a temporary thing. A couple of weeks back, the releases link vanished on the main page and now its back again. So I presume the same thing will happen with the forum links.

It appears to have moved to the page footer rather than the page header