Tax Summary Report different to GST Worksheet

I am preparing my quarterly GST and the GST Worksheet is showing an unexpected figure in GST on Purchases when compared to the Tax Summary Report. Both are on cash basis and are for the same period.



The total for Capital purchases and non-capital purchases match on both reports. Its just the GST on purchases. It appears as though instead of adding the GST of non capital and capital purchases it is doing the difference between them.

Any suggestions on where I can look for what is causing the issue as all tax reports other than the GST calculation report show the correct amount of tax on purchases?


Hey Team,
Seems I am getting the same/similar issue where the GST Calculation Worksheet Report (Australian) is providing an unexpected figure. Using Manager 19.6.63 Desktop Version Mac OS X.

The anomaly seems to be around the Capital Purchases and using the “GST 10% (CAPEX)” as the Tax code.

1 - This first image is a purchase invoice where the tax code is set to “GST 10%” for the first line item.


2 - And the corresponding GST Calculation WorkSheet which is calculating the correct amount in G20

3 - Without changing anything else except the tax code to “GST 10% (CAPEX)” on the purchase invoice mentioned above, point 1.


4 - And now the corresponding GST Calculation Worksheet is calculating and amount that is unexpected.

Hope this is really a similar issue as SmileyKylie’s and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know if this your problem, but try downloading and importing the Australian localization again. There was a bug with an early version of the GST worksheet (not the Manager program). Installing the latest version might fix your problem.

Thanks Tut,

Sadly still seeing the exact same out come on the Worksheet when using the “GST 10% (CAPEX)”.

I downloaded the latest Manager version 19.6.67 and also re-downloaded and installed au GST Calculation worksheet localisation.

However similar to Smileykylie post Tax Summary report shows the expected tax liability (-3,375.25 which is what I was expecting to see in G20 on the GST worksheet).


I have reinstalled GST Calculation Worksheet localisation and I still have the same issue as well.

@lubos, @Tut, The background calculations for item G20 are the problem!

The calculation is subtracting the G10 amount instead of adding it.

9,584 - 30,648 - 3,104 = - 24,168 (divided by 11 = -2,197)

Should be:

9,584 + 30,648 - 3,104 = 37,128 (divided by 11 = 3,375)

Can you download new version of GST Calculation Worksheet from ?

Should be fixed now.

Thanks Lubos. Works as expected now.

Awesome work as usual, everything seems to be working as expected.