GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS


I love the software. It is so easy to use.

I am finding that the GST Calculation worksheet is calculating “Capital Purchases” at item G10 on the worksheet. However, I have made no capital purchases. All of my purchases are “Non-Capital”


This is a bug. Manager thinks expenses classified into in-built expense accounts are capital purchases. They should be all non-capital purchases. I will fix this.


This still seems to be an issue as I also have all purchases reporting into the capital purchase area.


What version are you using? This particular issue has been fixed long time ago. Upgrade to the latest version to see if it resolves the issue for you.


I am running version 15.1.159 and have not had any capital purchases at all but all purchases are showin gin the capital section when i run the GST Calculation Worksheet.


I just updated to 15.3.36 but the same report is produced which all purchases showing in the Capital section (G10) instead of G11.


Are you purchasing inventory items? I just checked and inventory purchases would show under G10. I fixed that in the latest version (15.3.37)


Hi Lubos - Yes. I create an inventory item, create a purchase order for that stock item, then spend the money and it adds a quantity of 1 to that that stock item.

Then I raise a sales order when it is sold, and receipt as paid when I receive the funds for that sale.


Thanks Lubos - 15.3.37 has now done the trick - all reporting correctly. Thank you for the quick follow and fix. Awesome.