GST Australia

How do i make my Australian Gst tax exclusive on income.
We send our invoices out cost plus GST 10%.
Example: cost of service $100. + GST Total $110.( that’s the way we would like it)
The way i see Manager doing it is GST inclusive.
Example: cost $100. GST included is $9.91
Thanks for the help in advance regards Ge from Perth.
PS: love the program we only use a simple version as we don’t need pay slips,
employee’s or invoices.

Manager does tax exclusive as standard, it only does tax inclusive if you tick the box

0 S Inv Tax Inc

You are not using sales invoices if tax is reported as you describe. Only on sales and purchase invoices do you have the option of tax-exclusive. On cash receipts and payments, amounts are tax-inclusive. See the Guides:

Note the Caution statement about half way through.

Thanks Guys
I see what you mean, no problem we will start using Managers invoice to record income.
Any way I have it sorted thanks for the quick reply.
Regards Ge from Perth Western Australia.