Payments are GST exclusive but need to account for GST

I receive payments that excl gst however I am responsible for the gst on such payments.

how is the best way to record these, so correct figures show up in bas

if the payment is 974.34 just add tax payable 97.43 or change payment to 1071.77 tax rate 10%

You are charging customer $1,100 and customer pays only $1,000? Why?

i am a subbie and the person i am work for only pays gst exclusive. we are responsible for own gst

They cannot pay GST exclusive amount. If you are registered for GST, you have to charge and collect GST. It’s important that you collect it because you will have to pay that amount to government.

Your customer will claim GST paid to you as a credit (so they will get GST refund or it will be offset against GST they collect from their customers). I think you are both confused how GST works. There is no such a thing as “we are responsible for own gst”

Your other option, if your gross income is less than $75,000 per year, you can unregister from GST. Then you don’t have to charge it and your customer doesn’t have to pay it.

Need to be registered as uber driver! these payments are gst exclusive but by law i need to pass on gst on these amounts to the ato

I’m pretty sure whatever amount is Uber paying you is already GST-inclusive. Not sure where did you get the information they don’t pay you GST.

Uber fares and payments do include GST.

Even if you earn less than $75,000 the driver must register for GST.

@Kylie_Lovett, you cannot receive GST exclusive income and be required to pay GST. Your obligation to pay GST only arises because you are collecting GST on GST inclusive sales.