"Groups to collapse" option be available under the Summary tab

@eko , frankly speaking I would like to put the same question to you as above. May be, you care to answer it again.

On the sidelines, may I ask you what benefit you intend to gain to cross examine our statement “quote: It will save time - unquote” with an evidence.

I already explained that in my answer.

As mentioned I would like to learn and therefore claims need to be substantiated. The reference to cross-examination is pretty strong as it is more from my research and evidence based argument background than from any reference to law enforcement. Frankly I do not understand the sentiment that seems to be triggered by asking questions on claims.

@eko , there is no sentiment triggered. Regarding your query how it will save time, there is no technical reason behind it. It is logical to assume if there is more information, it should take more time to view than if there is lesser information. With a collapse option, since there will be lesser lines to read with just group information, will save time.

I’m sure @CEOHaaks may have this in mind when he stated that it will save time.

Last but not least, no hard feelings were intended.

Hava a nice day.

Most people will skim read and focus on the information relevant to them but I get your point that for some this will slow them down. Also scrolling through a screen may be annoying and cost some time. I am not against this option of collapsing groups as it should be enabled only for those groups that some want to collapse while the status quo would remain (ie possible for seeing all).

@eko Exactly !!

The request for collapse option is idea for just SUMMARY PAGE not elsewhere which, I wonder, may have been misconstrued at your side.

Sorry friend, no personal feelings. Take care

I did not misconstrue this. I was talking about the summary page and as I try to explain it does not matter to me as I was asking why this would save lots of time and in my response to you I mentioned “some time” so my indifference on the need to add this option remains.

Thanks Sonic for understanding and supporting my point of view.


Is there any progress on this topics, Collapsable summary like B alance sheet and profit & Loss

Any action will be announced in this topic on the forum.

will be highly obliged sir, its need of the hour, Regards



No news detected by me:-)

again the idea: in summary page have collapsability
state of colapsed to be remembered

Regard Paul (an happy user)

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I didnt really get what u are referring dear.

Means What? Is idea implemented?

I can see a benefit in this idea when a company has a very detailed chart of accounts. Personally when dealing to an organisation’s financials I like to see the numbers. Just in case CEOHaaks missed it under “Summary” ==> Edit ==> the “Exclude zero balances” tick box could also reduce the real estate consumed by the Summary Screen by hiding zero balance accounts. This may help his crew to be more efficient…

The problem is based on overly specific and detailed ledgers. Some funny insight into this can be found online such as https://strategiccfo.com/common-problems-in-charts-of-account/

The advise here is that you need to keep the picture on the goal not on the ball. The challenge is to keep the ledger readable and that is not by hiding numerous sub-accounts but by being strategic at what really needs to be grouped and only setup accounts at that group level. So in screenshots above where a + would extend further like Auto Paul, I wonder how important that further subdivision is helpful.

This is an extremely impotant feature to have. If you look at the audted financial statements of the entities, you will find few accounts appearing in the face of profit and loss and and balance sheet. All detailed sub-accounts are in the notes to the accounts which are linked to the main accounts. It becomes so easy to find the right amount of information on the face of Profit and loss and balance sheet. Same idea needs to be implemented in the SUMMARY PAGE of the Manager as this is showing the live picutre of your business it should not be combursome.

Collapsing Groups would be a great option to do that.

I vote for this exetremely needed feature.


Hello @saad
I Completely support this idea.
Decision of implementation of this feature request is not taken by @lubos ( the developer ).
It is a great idea and beneficial for all and that’s why it is in the #ideas category.

Hi Tut, hope u r fine and doing well. dear this idea is pending since long. Please look into it. It is going to of much use.

I am a moderator, not the developer. I can neither look into this idea nor implement it. And there are many ideas that have been pending longer.