Drill into Collapsed Group Accounts on Summary Page


as happy user of Manager.io I appreciate the grouping option on summary page.



  1. it would be good to highlight a grouped line in blue so we know it is grouped

  2. Would is be possible to allow an expand option by clicking on a grouped (blue) line (basically ungroup it)
    (like we do inreports grouped lines where it can be used to drill into next level. )

Now it can be cumbersome to see the details of a grouped value.

Regards and keep to good work.

You can already determine this. If the group is top level, it will show no accounts beneath it. If a subgroup, the subgroup balance will be plain black text rather than a blue hyperlink.

Thanks Tut

sorry to mention but by me I never get blue values which I can click on to drill down.
Same approach as in reports would be very nice,

Of course not a high prio feature,.


Do you have any subgroups defined? Show a screen shot of your Summary page. Here are examples from a test business with the Other income subgroup, first collapsed and then uncollapsed:

Pls see below

Accounts are in Dutch (sorry)

It is not clear what you are trying to illustrate. Your screen shots show a subgroup that is collapsed and displays in black, just as I explained.

I also wonder why you have assigned your renamed Accounts payable as an asset account. That must be a liability account.

This is only a guess but I think @interfiling may be asking if groups, when set to be collapsed on the Summary, could support drill-down into the sub accounts directly without having to uncollapse the group through the settings.

In the example from the test business above, if the “Other Income” collapsed group could have the balance hyperlinked, which would then show the sub accounts detail (?).

Not sure why you would include “AF: nog te betalen” under Assets as it seems a liability, you owe someone. Assets are in general about what you own and liabilities about what you owe. Yes you enter negative quantities so mathematically is all fine. Just wondering.

Yes, I believe you are probably right, @p4unger. But I was only addressing item #1 in the opening post. @interfiling complained about not being able to tell if the group is, in fact, grouped when it is collapsed. That evolved to a complaint that blue values are never visible. From there, we seemed to be at cross-purposes.

I was only attempting to explain that the current state of the program allows you know when you are looking at a collapsed group. The issue of whether to make them clickable is something else.

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The original post was requesting the same functionality that exists in reports be implemented for the Summary page.

That is: a clickable “blue link” to drill down on grouped accounts Viz:

I think that this is worthy of being considered for the Ideas category

Although I’m totally happy with the present group display settings, I would definitely support giving users the option to drill down into groups that have been configured to collapse on the “Summary” page.

You can already drill down into collapsed groups under Reports.

I will add this to Ideas because it will be an enhancement and will save users some clicks.


Thanks for the further explanation.

BTW I am not complaining at all. I appreciate manager.io a lot.

And yes, would be nice to see when a row is a grouped one and we can drill or expand the row.


Good question.

And you seem to understand Dutch; nice

It is for convenience reasons. Not strickly according to accounts principles, I know


Sorry to mention but by me (version I do not get the bluewish drill down capability.
as in your example


That is because it is not a Manager example, @AJD writes below the table “…I think that this is worthy of being considered for the Ideas category…”

So this is as your posts already in the ideas category. This does not mean that it will ever be implemented that is for the programmer to decide.

No one said you could. That is the entire point of this idea.