Grouping of services or products to add in the Sales Quote or Sales Invoice

I want to group the services or products I am going to add in the Sales Quote or Sales Invoice. Like If I am giving an item free with another item… Then I will group both of them and then I will only have to group to the Sales Quote or Sales Invoice… If this happens then I need not to remember each and every offer I am launching for my customers. Also it will help me to speed up my task of creating Quotes or Invoices.

If you use inventory, then go to settings and make an inventory kit item and select the items from inventory. Otherwise create a manufacturing order under settings. You may need to add these options from customise.

Thank you for your reply… But actually I want to do grouping of services. Like I provides Web Development Service to my customer, Then it always contains Web Hosting free of cost. In current situation, I need to add two Sales Items. But instead of adding two separate Items, I want to add only one group (contains both services)

In this way I want to improve the performance of business which is using Manager Application for Quotes and Invoice. Thank you.

Note to Development Team: Plz consider my suggestion and make provision for the same.

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i have the same requestion . i want to group items i sell. i don’t use inventory as i don’t stock items. i hope to see this on manager soon. it will be more than helpful

Also, i would like to suggest to make manager a complete ERP and CRM software. so hope to consider this opinion in very near future.


Define a non-inventory item for the entire group of whatever it is you are selling together.