Payslip question


I am trying to setup the first employee.
I am a bit confused, I would like to put let’s say:
10 Euro per hour wage.
-Social security tax 10% employee
-Social security 10% employer

Then set 2 dates:
1 and 31st(or 30th)

And have the payslip generated with the net, gross, social security calculations.

Is it possible with please?

Thank you.

Manager does not calculate any taxes, social security etc - you have to do this offline and then enter the amounts into the payslip.

Why do you have two dates?

A payslip has only one date - the date it is issued

Oh I see…it will be a pain to do this manually when more employees with join…

The payslip was simply the start and end date of working hours.

You need to read the Guides about payroll:

Employees and Payroll

These Guides describe how to record earnings, deductions, and contributions associated with your employees, as well as how to pay employees what they are owed.

If you have many employees, I suggest that a dedicated payroll software package would be more appropriate than Manager. Most payroll systems available in your country should be able to keep up with tax changes, etc

You can always feed the monthly total figures into Manager for accounting purposes and use the Payroll system for payroll administration

Thanks, yes it looks like I will have to do something like that.


I checked the tutorial but I am stuck on one part.
Social security contributions are set in the “Contributions” dropdown. But by law I must show the wage with the Gross and then Net(After the contributions are paid). It looks like the contributions dropdown has no effects on the wage at all. Any idea why please?

OK I think I understand.

I have to setup a new pay slip item as a “deduction item” worded as “Employee’s Social Security Contributions” and then set it to expense account “Wage & Salaries”, am I correct please?


Whether Social Security “contributions” are deductions or contributions in Manager’s terminology depends on who is paying them. They may be both. Amounts taken out of an employee’s gross earnings and later paid to the government on behalf of the employee are deductions. Amounts paid by an employer (usually accrued at the time of a payslip and later remitted to the government) are contributions.

Your deduction items are not normally posted to expense accounts, but to liability accounts. They are not an expense of the business. The business’ expense was already accounted for in the earnings payslip item(s). The deduction is setting aside the employee’s money for later remittance to the government.

You should try all this out in a test business to see how it works.

Thanks, yes currently trying it.

In Manager the structure for that is best entered into a recurring payslip for each employee. The recurring payslip can be set up to contain

  • all payslip items appropriate to that employee
  • all pay rates for that employee
  • regular hours for that employee

As a result

  • payslips are prompted to be created exactly when required (an offset date would be nice but not yet implemented)
  • all required payslip items are already there
  • only variable data for each pay period needs to be entered
  • Manager’s number field calculator can be used however the calculation must be manually entered. Alternatively an external tax calculator can be used.

Calculation in payslip is already in the ideas



thanks yes what I did is duplicate a payslip till the rest of the year(same salary monthly) and only changed the tax accordingly(month of 4 weeks or 5 weeks). It seems to be working.
You know what would have been nice, the possibility to add code so we can calculate extra things automatically. I know we can edit the HTML, but I am not sure about using variables and use their outputs into the other accounts.

Have a look at recurring payslips.
It does a similar thing but better.

Certainly, I’ll be happy to help with any question you may have about payslips. Please go ahead and ask your question, and I’ll do my best to provide a helpful response.

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