Bug on Summary page

Hi @lubos,

I noticed that a recent upgrade added a new feature whereby sections on the summary page with zero values would not be displayed if the appropriate option to hide zero amounts was selected. For the most part it works and is greatly appreciated. Today, however, I noticed that one of my sections within the Assets block with a zero amount was not hiding as expected. Please see attached.

Zero balance groups are only hidden on the profit and loss side. I assume that is intentional, since you wouldn’t want Liabilities, for example, to be hidden because you temporarily didn’t have any.

Hi @Tut thanks for the response. I can almost accept that as the explanation except for the fact that the detail lines that have zero values are in fact hidden. That leads me to believe that the sections or groups with zero values should be as well.

What do you mean by detail lines? If you mean accounts, why would they not be hidden?

You made the same identical observation error in another topic:
"standard groups ( Assets, Liabilities, Equity etc) operate externally of the feature 0 Exclude Zero Bal

@ccs your observation is the same as in another topic which was a Bug but fixed:

First @ccs can you please confirm which version you are using?
The other topic was fixed in version (20.2.61)

Hi @Brucanna,

I am using 20.2.71 at the moment. The issue is as I’ve described (and apparently as the other post described).

Btw, 20.2.73 also behaves the same…

Okay, I will move the other topic back into the Bugs Category as a regression has occurred.