Grn and purchase invoice

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we have our stores in factory and accounts department in the head office away from the factory whatever the deliveries we received in the factory, the purchase will be recorded in head office but the GRN will be made in Factory when we are booking purchases and select the inventory item it creat the duplicate entry in inventory.

how can I be able to control this please advise.

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it will not serve the purpose of closing stock at the end of month for this we have to make a general entry for this right?

If by monthly closing you mean physical adjustments, then no; you will have to use journal entries as you described or using Inventory Write-offs.

I am not sure what @Ealfardan is referring to when discussing sales and purchases between entities. Based on your question, @WAQASKHAN, you seemed to be asking only about parts of your operation being located in physically separate places. As long as you are using either the server or cloud edition of Manager, personnel at both locations can be set up as users with relevant permissions. Then, there is only the question of proper management supervision to be sure everyone follows the established procedures.

If you are asking about something different, please explain.

Actually, I am thinking of this as a three-way matching concept but in Manager it is not, for example, we received any raw material in the factory against a LPO on the basis of LPO and GRN we can book a purchase Invoice. this a three-way matching but in the manager when we create a GRN and after that invoice the inventory becomes double. this is the problem I am facing right now.

and I don’t want to share LPO and invoice details with my stores what should I do.
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Are you copying the goods receipt to a purchase invoice? That preserves the relationship between them. Or are you creating a new purchase invoice, which would tell the program you are buying additional material?

Don’t give those users access under User Permissions.

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My fault, I have removed the misleading reply.

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I can restrict them but if they are creating GRN and I am macking purchase invoice from copying method it will double the quantity in inventory.

how can we avoid this situation?

Seeing the drill-down on the quantity on hand for this inventory item, I suspect you entered a purchase invoice before you enabled the Goods Receipts tab. That would have added 1,000 units to your inventory. Then, I believe you enabled the Goods Receipts tab. At that point, if items are purchased via purchase invoice, they are added to inventory only when a goods receipt is created. So it looks like you have mixed two workflows for one purchase.

Is that what you did?

No from the very beginning, I am using the Goods receipt tab, let me explain for you step by step, and then you please help me where I am wrong.

Step 1 we received material and generate a goods receipt note which increases the stock level.
Step 2 With the copying Method we create a purchase invoice.

when we create a purchase invoice it increases the stock level with the same quanity.

Something else has happened. The sequence of actions you describe does not produce the result you showed.

In the Inventory Item list, when the blue Qty on Hand link is clicked, it does show similar to the screen shot that was posted.

However it does not double the quantity.

@WAQASKHAN I would suggest that you do a trial in a test business and you will see that it is not doubling the quantity on hand.

Yes, that is what I meant. If the Goods Receipt tab is enabled from the beginning, no transaction shows up in that drill-down for the purchase invoice. Only the goods receipt changes the quantity.

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I have created a test run in a new business and now the result is like this.

why this is showing a plus-minus movement in the stock.

how can I reverse this action is there any option available in manager

Click on history button top-right next to backup button.

No one can tell from your screen shot. Please provide the following:

  • A screen shot showing the lower portion of the left navigation pane with the Purchase Invoices, Goods Receipts, and Inventory Items tabs included.
  • Screen shots of the Edit screens of the purchase invoice and goods receipt on 06/08/2021 for this test business.

this might be helpful to understand.

Please say what version of manage you are using (the number at the bottom of the screen)

And show edit screen for the inventory item

I was just about to ask the same thing.

Also, @WAQASKHAN, did you make any change to the checkbox Track quantity to receive at any step in your process?