Goods Return Note for Credit notes

Would it be possible to have a Goods Return Note printable, just as a Delivery note is printable for a Sales Invoice?

BTW a fantastic simple to use program. Thanks

I’m not familiar with this. Is this a document you give to your supplier when returning faulty/wrong items?

A Goods Return Note or Form acts as a receipt for the customer to show I have received back an item.
It can be used (as in my case) where I deliver in a crate and charge a deposit for it on the invoice. When the customer has emptied the crate , he tells me, I go and pick it up (giving hime the Goods return Note as his receipt), then send him a credit note to cover its return.
I appreciate that perhaps not many users require this feature, but in my innocence, thought it might be easy to add becuase it’s so similar to the ‘Delivery Note’ feature on a customer invoice.

I know that some businesses use a Goods Return note to send incorrect or faulty items back to suppliers so that they can follow up returns from inventory returned to suppliers in effect asking them to issue a credit note against a supplier invoice.

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I believe it will be good to have the GRN.
Recently I had an issue with one my customer regarding the items delivered. He had some items gone missing.
We use Delivery Note and were able to prove that no. of items has been delivered but didn’t had any records of the goods received.As many customer don’t bring the delivery note, It will be good to have the Goods Receipt note.
This way we can match what has come in and what has gone out. i.e GRN should match Delivery note.
Is it possible to have the GRN?