Goods delieverd/collected to identify

Good day !
How do we identify if Goods bought collected or delivered ?
Is there a possibility of getting watermark image on invoice once goods delivered/collected ?
Kindly advice

There are two possibilities:

  1. Use goods receipts and delivery notes. If you do not, the program assumes delivery and receipt occur as soon as purchase or sale transactions are entered. Read Inter Account Transfer Show Description field as a column and

  2. Create custom fields with status options. Read Custom fields are for information only, and will not affect quantities on hand. This option is much less informative.

This would require custom themes to be selected at that point. Background images are fairly difficult to implement. If interested, search the forum. There have been examples given. This is not, however, an accounting solution. It would give you no information in lists or balances. You would not be able to see the watermark except when viewing an individual invoice.