Good Recipt and Delivery Notes only show item code

Why is Good Recipt and Delivery Notes only showing the item code but not including item name? I think it makes difficult to remember wheter the goods to received or sent if only tracked by item code.

What edition and version number? Post a screen shot of the Edit screen for this transaction. Without information, no one can guess the answer to your question.

@ejjaadiargo this is related to this topic:

Basically some users want item name to show, others don’t want it to show. So I will need to make this user preference.

By the way, you can always use Description column which can auto-fill with whatever information you want your customers or suppliers to see.

How to use auto-fill in Description column? When I fill the item but description is still blank (no auto-fill). If I have to type manually in description column, it really takes time.

The information about item name very useful in this printed document of delivery notes/good recipt for our internal management or for customers (delivery notes) in order to it makes easier them to indetify what kind those item than we identify by item code.

I use cloud edition.

@ejjaadiargo when you Edit the item itself, have you filled anything in Description field?

I always create item code for my product code & product name for item name. Description leave it blank but if some item come with special fabricate or special item made will put specification in description(very less). When create sales quote for customer just typing item code come with description in order. If change to newest as describe may take time to us to re-create thousand of inventory items.

Agree… This change of Manager also affect to older Delivery Notes dan Good Recipt we’ve made before. It still only show item code even though we have filled description on each inventory item. We need to edit every single older Delivery Notes and Good Recipt if we want to see description automatically.

Item code and description will only appear on the printed document of Delivery Notes and Good Recipt only after the description is filled in the inventory database but still disappear for printed document of Delivery Notes and Good Recipt that made before filled the description in inventory.

I think (by default), we should show item name on printed documents. This is what most users would expect to see after all.

For those, who do not want to show Item Name on printed documents, there will be new checkbox to control that.


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is that already provided on Delivery Notes and Good Recipt now? Should I restart my cloud edition to appear the option Hide item name on printed documents ?

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