Getting Error while creating customer and receipt

What version of Manager are you using?
What platform (PC, Mac,…) are you using?
Was it working before?
If so, have you updated anything (software, pc, …) since?

While posting a screen image of the error is useful, do you have a question?
The heading says “Getting Error while creating customer and receipt” but these are two different transactions so which is the one giving the error message?

Also, what edition of Manager (desktop, server, cloud)? And what version of your operating system?

I am using window 10 and v 20.2.33 and this is first time in my laptop and its desktop. but file export v19.11.0. Please give me solution

You must provide information about what you do that triggers this error. Also, why are you referring to two different versions of the program? Which are you using?

Further, you now seem to have referred to three different things: creating customers, creating receipts, and exporting something. Please be specific with your question.

Please explain more fully what m you have done?

What do you mean by file export? There is no “file export” function in Manager

I am was using manager is another laptop but now i want to use in new laptop but when i transfer back into new laptop after installing new manger version i.e. 20.3.33 but in my old laptop the version was 19.11.0. after exporting business when i tried to creat customer it show error.

Let’s go a little bit slower.

Can you explain what you did in more detail

On your old laptop, what exactly did you do?
What did you do on your new laptop - download Manager and then what?
What file did you transfer from the old laptop>
The guide Backup, restore and transfer businesses explains very clearly the steps to take

I presume you mean V 20.2.33 as there is no V 20.3.33

I transferred back up file from old laptop to new laptop. but in new laptop when I tried to create customer then i got error in manager.

What happens if you import the backup file into Manager as a new business on the old laptop - does it work correctly?

This will check whether your original backup file is damaged or not

There could be a problem in the media used to transfer the file from one laptop to another

If it is not then there may be a problem with the import procedure on the new laptop or else there is difference in how the two laptops are setup - what operating system and version is being used on the two laptops?

If you create a new test business on the new laptop, can you create a customer?

Again, you have not given detailed information on exactly what you have done eg how did you transfer

You already started a thread here. I thought double-posting is not allowed.

Double-posting is not allowed, @Mukesh9378, because it divides the discussion among topics and makes it harder for others to help you. Your two topics have been combined into this one.

As I already said earlier in this thread, before combining the second thread into this one, you absolutely must be very specific. Answer everyone’s questions and give detailed, step by step descriptions of what you did. Show screen shots wherever helpful.