Getting audited - need to print or download ALL invoices

I’m getting audited. The tax guy needs all invoices. I tried sending as *.tsv file but this wasn’t enough info for him - he needs actual invoices showing what I’ve charged for tax. Are there any quick options outside of printing/emailing each individual invoice?

Unfortunately, no, if you want the invoices. But have a look at the various tax reports and see if any of them satisfy your auditor.

You might ask @lubos if he can add an option to select all to print all invoices or just tick boxes for which invoices you want to print - saving you the trouble of having to open each invoice and select print. To be honest, I would like this function myself as being able to print the last months invoices for my file would be easier than opening each one and printing.

Otherwise as Tut suggested, see if there is anything in reports that would help. But generally speaking my understanding of tax audits - is that they want the sales invoice - which comes from Manager and your purchase invoices, but more importantly the invoices from your Suppliers and they must be VAT or TAX invoices.

Good luck with the audit

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Thanks much - he’s going to get them in printed form. I can see that’s going to be the most efficient. It would be really great if there was a print option with tick boxes. Admin…my official request :smile:

Many thanks again for the input and feedback!

My best piece of advice is to print as you go. I do this for my filing. I print out all my sales invoices and purchase invoices as well as suppliers invoices and I file the lot. This way if I ever do get audited, its so easy as I will have already done the hard graft. Do as you go - is a motto that I work with in all areas of my life - don’t leave things to build up as its always a monumental job if you let it build up.

Even if you never get audited, its a good idea to file your invoices anyway so you have that as an extra backup in the event of something catastrophic going wrong with your computer and backup!