Downloading all invoices from the past to PDF at once

Dear Manager users,

For my bookkeeping I want to have all my invoices on my harddrive as PDF-files, like the ones that are sent by email when I send them out. Is there a way to download (or email) all my invoices from the past as a bundle, so I don’t have to open each invoice seperately and download or email it to myself?

Thanks in advance!

There is no way to do that. But why is it necessary? If you want an electronic copy of every invoice, Manager already provides that. And rather than a collection of individual files, those available directly through the program are searchable by date, number, customer, amount, balance due, or status.

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Well, what if I at some point change bookkeeping software and the IRS comes. They will want to see the invoices I sent. I feel most safe if I have them stored somewhere as pdf. Is there no way of doing that?

Just because you might change software doesn’t mean you can’t keep your last-used version of Manager and the associated data file. That would consume a lot less storage space than PDFs of images of all those invoices. Companies change software all the time.

Plus, the tax authorities would be a lot more interested in documentation of expenses and receipts of income than in what sales invoices you generated. A tax audit would be focused on whether you can account for inflows to your bank account and deductions you’ve taken than in a bunch of pictures of sales invoices, which might be fake to begin with. If you really are audited, the ability to show full electronic accounting records that actually paint a consistent picture would be more useful than stored pictures of records you can produce on demand from the program.

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Ok, thanks! Valid point. Just have to remember to make backups every now and then. Thanks for the info and explanation!

Absolutely! And more often than “every now and then.” On a separate drive, preferably remote. You’ve probably heard the the saying that there are only two types of people: those whose hard drives have already failed and those whose will. :wink:

Well I have seen some applications do this. For instance you could tell it to generate PDF or print or export in excel all sales invoices, payments, journals, Receipts, Purchase invoices, etc withing a specified period.
You can even tell it to print out all accounts or an account in the General ledger with a specified end date. E.g as from 3/3/16 to 4/28/16. Brought forward balances will appear and then the transactions and then the closing balance.

I believe this will be possible after the completion of the PDF feature. @lubos said this “Compilation reports (create report pack with cover page)” is one of the things which will be possible to implement after the PDF feature is added.

Compilation reports are used for many reasons including making hard copy backup and for auditing and investigations.

Haha. I belong to the latter. Thanks for the heads up!

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