Printing a single invoice/bill from multiple invoices

Is there any way that I can print a single bill with all the breakups of multiple invoices . Meaning I sell products to a customer every day. I would like to print 1 single bill with the details of lets say 1 week bills ie. 7 bills for x customer. Is this possible cos now I am printing 7 bills for that week and adding a summary. statement . this is using a lot of stationary . It would be easier to print one bill with all the details breakup wise.

You can’t amalgamate Invoices, you can only print a Report - Customer Statement, either by unpaid Invoices or transactions but this may not be perfect for you.

If you are not giving the invoice to the customer every day, you could also create an invoice the first day, so things are recorded. Then edit it on subsequent days until you finally print it and give it to the customer.

Hi is there any way to export it (.tsv ) so that i could do this in excel ?

this is because I will not be able to tally the daily sales if I keep adding it to one invoice as my volume is large … petrol pump.

I don’t understand what you are trying to export. Almost every screen in Manager can be exported.

I want to export the sales invoice in .tvs format please let me know how to do that