Geting report of branch office separately


I want to maintain all the branch office details in one business account and get reports of each branch office separately. Is this possible with manager desktop edition? thanks.

Yes, you use Tracking Codes located under Settings.

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I created tracking code for my branch office but when I create delivery note or invoice the address in the business details is displayed and not of the branch office… kindly help me with this.

My understanding is that you need to create separate Themes, then you select as required.

Sorry, but that will not work without fairly major programming. Themes only change presentation, not data. All themes call the same data, and you only have one set of Business Details under Settings. The only way you could do what you want is to customize a theme with hard-coded information for the branch. Then you would have to disable display/printing of existing business details via conditional statements. That’s beyond the scope of this forum.

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