Linking customers together

Is there a way to link the client sales invoices to there individual branches.

I would like to be able to have separate files for each branch ((customer)for delivery and record information) but the invoice and statements need to sent the parent office.

If you want separate records, you must create separate “customers” for each branch. But you can include different filing and delivery addresses in a couple ways:

  • One is to simply add the extra information in the billing address box when you create a customer. The field will accept HTML, so you can even add bold headings, etc. for the delivery address.
  • Delivery notes allow a separate delivery address in a dedicated field.
  • Custom fields can be added to various forms where you can enter delivery addresses.

So depending on your exact purpose, there are several options.

Thankyou Tut,

I wanted to have 3 to 5 customers linked to the main customer (head office). I have used pronto and this is how the system worked to keep track of different locations when it comes to reporting and site contacts ect.

I will create separate customers for now but would be a great addition to link customers within the development of Manager

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