Get more out of selection checkboxes

I was wondering since Manager already uses selection checkboxes for Batch Delete and Batch View, why not extend the use of these to work with:

  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Batch Update
  • Custom Actions

What do you guys think?

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Without going into more details and benefits of your request, I agree.

I think it a good idea but not a necessary one. If I want to do a batch update but for a few selected lines, I just have to update the particular lines/ items I have to update and leave the other lines untouched.

If I copy items to clipboard and paste on a spreadsheet, I could easily delete the lines I don’t need.

But yes, I agree your suggested method will be an enhancement, I just don’t know if it must be added to the already long list of ideas.

I feel much as @Abeiku does. The capability could be marginally useful. But it would also add another layer of complexity to various functions. That, in turn, could lead to confusion or errors as users forget to include a record or accidentally exclude one, believing they have performed one action when they have inadvertently performed something not quite as expected. Sometimes, simple tools are the best, even if they do not provide the most sophisticated options or level of performance.

I agree that the use of this with copy and batch operations could be limited, it’s basically a search enhancing method.

However, for Custom Actions this could be the difference between running the action manually multiple times on one hand or selecting the target transactions and then running the action once on all of them. So in that regard it’s pretty significant.

Also, I don’t share @Tut’s view that it would be confusing since selection boxes are a standard feature in all OS and databases so anyone who has no idea on how they work it’s pretty much their fault, I suppose. Also they’ll find many other features even more confusing than checkboxes.