Generating sales invoice from multiple sales quotes

How to create sales invoice from multiple sales quotes?

This is not possible but I like this idea and can be implemented within a few weeks.

Sorry for delayed reply. Please implement this idea as soon as possible. It would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance

is there a way to convert a single sales quote to sales invoice or is that also not possible as yet? would be so useful instead of having to re-enter all quoted details into new sales invoice.

When you are viewing sales quote, there is a button Copy to... which will allow you to create new sales invoice from information entered on sales quote.

thank you!

Thank you so much! Been doing this the long way around, opening quote and copy-pasting info to a new invoice. Thanks so much!

@drutech You will discover many useful things by looking through the guides in your spare time: Guides | Manager :smiley:

Thanks! Will most certainly do