Detailed GST report

Hi - I am struggling to produce a report for my accountant which shows a detailed breakdown of income and expense accounts with GST per her request below. Can anybody tell me how to do this please? It’s not sufficient to give her the GST summary report apparently - she needs to see each entry as in the general ledger transactions report, but with the GST column as well.

The report we need for GST reconciliation needs to include the detail income for each quarter with and without GST component, also details of expense with and without GST component, these are the documents to use and support the total GST collected and paid figures reported in each quarter BAS. We can wait for it from you tomorrow.

Why are you not giving your accountant your Manager backup file on a pen drive with a link to Download | Manager
Then she can get what ever data she needs

The data she needs to fill out your GST is in
Reports → Tax summary → With dates for each quarter

Use the view button then click on the Sales or Purchases links for each tax code to see the detailed breakdown.

If you believe the sales / purchases allocations Manager assumes you can load the localisation “GST calculation worksheet” and it will display the required GST submission data for you.

Thanks Patch - yes I’ll talk to her but this will take her a lot more time (=$) than casting an eye over a detailed report to confirm the figures I have submitted are correct. Surely there must be a way of generating this simple report? I was using an ancient version of Quicken Cash before moving to Manager and it was a standard report in that software…

You can also send your accountant the Tax Audit report and the breakdown by exporting the transactions.

Thanks Tony - yes that is the summary report - but I’m looking for a report which includes all the transaction details. If I export data from this report - it is still just the summary data…

No, click on each total and export the transactions that comprise each total.

If the Tax Audit report shows all sales income is subject to GST, you might not want to waste your accountants time looking through all the sales figures that all correctly included GST as per the summary report. Bank charges should not include GST, unless they include merchant fees and some motor vehicle expenses such as registration would not include GST. You should check the GST allocations yourself before sending the reports to your accountant.