General Ledger Transaction with Tracking Code

General Ledger Transaction with each account name is very nice at the moment.

It would be more useful, if Tracking Code is added in Ledger Transaction reports. Some of my clients need to report transaction for each project to their donor.

if Tracking Code is added to Gen Ledger transaction report, this issued will be solved.

I hope this will be implement faster.


You can probably produce what your clients need with a custom report. Tracking codes are exposed. Give it a try and let us know if it works.

Custom Report is work for some extend for tracking code transaction report.
But there are still some points missing.
For example,

  • Can not set period,
  • Not available for monthly tracking code transaction report and balance for each account name.

I think above two issued will be solved easily, if you add tracking code to Gen Ledger Transaction Report.

please kindly consider for my client needs.