FX and balance sheet summary

My base currency is HKD.
I have three bank account, HKD, USD and GBP, each with their respective currencies.
The summary balance sheet reports in HKD, but does not convert the GBP or USD to HKD.
So for example say banks balances are 1000HKD, 100GBP, 200USD. The summary shows HKD 1,300.
That is it has not converted at the FX rates. Depending on the rates converted it should be around (1000HKD + 900HKD + 1600HKD) = 3500HKD

Question: Why does the Summary balance sheet not show the currencies converted to the base currency? And How do I update the FX rates for each account? Is it automatic or i have to input manually, if so, where and how please??

Manager’s version? I recommend you first search the forum and also read the corresponding guide.

Many thanks _ I have been rummaging around in th eforum and guides, and can see that some people seems to have enabled this but not clear how they did it?

Ratherr than rummage around the Guides, sit down and read them - they do explain how to setup and use foreign currencies and how to enter exchange rates

Thanks @Joe91 if you mean this - I followed all these - but it doesnt work and it doesnt explain how to enter FX rates. Any clue where I might fu=ind that function?

Set Base Currency
Define foreign currencies
Use multiple currencies

In Settings, set the exchange rates

Many thanks @Joe91 - thats perfect - thank you very much.