Changing Base Currency


Changing the base currency doesn’t update any numbers since the conversions aren’t done automatically. If I change base currency, would I have to manually add the new currency equivalent by editing every transaction?


What are you changing?

Have you entered an exchange rate?

The base currency is USD. There are balances in other currencies as well with the exchange rates updated regularly. However, if I would like to have reports printed in a different currency, let’s say HKD, the base currency needs to be changed. The question is, after changing the base currency to HKD, would I need to update every transaction to show the HKD equivalent (similar to when receiving payment in foreign currency and adding the base currency equivalent)?

I don’t think Manager is setup to do this sort of reporting

Changing the base currency will not affect the numeric values of any transactions, so you will have to re-enter the transactions

Why do you need reports in two currencies - this would be unusual

Why don’t you just export the reports and convert them using Excel?