Future transactions

Would it be possible to distinguish future dated transactions in Manager accounts? Darkening the background color slightly for example. Not a high priority but it would be useful to me.

I know it is just a suggestion from your side. But i think that there is no such entry as future transaction. You can handle the matter through advance account, which can be either asset or liability.

Sorry, but there are future transactions defined simply by a future date when they occur. They are handled by either an asset or liability account as you say. Where I would like to see the difference is in the journal entries where they are created as a list. With my workflow where I have a significant number them it would just be a little easier for the eye to go to the current date on the list. If this is not useful to anyone else so be it. As I said not high priority and as you said just a suggestion.

Strictly speaking, my view is that there is no such a thing as future transaction in accounting. Accounting is about recording what has happened in the past.

However, I see utility in recording what one expects will happen in future. For example, when you buy new asset, you expect it to fully depreciate over the course of its useful life so you might as well setup future transactions to account for this and move on.

So there is some disconnect between theory and practice. I didn’t make up my mind whether to treat future transactions as data-entry error or just de-emphasize it like you’ve suggested. I’m leaning towards de-emphasising since it’s more gentle approach.

There will something about this done in future for sure.

Thank you for your comments. In my particular case I have now moved these future transactions from journal entries to purchase invoices since they in effect have a due date (in the future) as well as a future transaction date. The benefit for me is that I can now see how many days into the future a payment is required as well as which ones have been paid in the past. These transactions aren’t really purchase invoices and don’t have a unique identifier on them for reference. I just use date as a reference so that I can identify them in accounts payable drop down list. What is needed here is the same as for invoices. Paid sales and paid purchase invoices should be excluded. I know you have mentioned this before and I hope it is coming soon (before I get overwhelmed).