Functionality issue: Creating PO from Sales Order

I would like to report issues with the software that needs improvement:

  1. First we create a inventory Sales Order. Next we copy it to a Purchase Order. The Purchase Order fill itself with our sale price — not with our Purchase Cost. No good. Means we have to correct all the purchase cost… we might as well prepare a new PO from scratch.

  2. Well, since we are creating a Purchase Order. Why can’t it just fill up our vendor discount automatically from the price given? In short, we want to copy the Sales Order to a Purchase Order. And the Purchase order fills up automatically with the Supplier’s selling price, and also apply the discount eg: 10% automatically. We should be able to set this discount up in the inventory items list.

  3. So, all we need to do it fill up the inventory sales order. 1 click Copy to Purchase Order which will be correctly filled up. Then 1 click copy to Delivery Note. And we are done. or we can make slight changes to it. But this is not happening at the moment, because the software is not filing up correctly.

  4. Another issue : Eventhough inventory item purchase price is already keyed in. But when we create PO with the inventory item, some prices fill in, and some don’t. Then what do have to do? We have to refer to the catalog to fill up the purchase price. In short, the automatically filing feature is not working. There is still work to be done here to ensure the data fills up automatically.

I am writing because I just spent an 1 hour doing this (filing the blanks the software missed, check and ensure the purchase price is correct, refiling the discount rate)… which is unreasonably time consuming. It can be better.

  1. Fixed in the latest version (16.7.18)
  2. You could have multiple vendors supplying the same inventory item. I think this is best to be addressed by upcoming “pricing levels” extension which will allow to set up multiple prices/discounts for different customers or suppliers.
  3. I agree, this is how it should work in the end.
  4. Can you reproduce this issue? Does this happen randomly or it’s always an issue with specific items which don’t fill in the price?

Hi Lubos, thanks for getting back on this.

  1. It is random. If I can reproduce the error, how do I show or share the reproduction with you, please, lubos?

  2. Print issue. Everytime we have a PO that exceeds 1 page, we will print out 4 blank pages, plus 2 pages of the correct content. We tried this with CutePDF, and HP printer. Same issue. So, the work around we are using right now, is to scale it at the printer settings to 80% or 90% to fit them all in 1 page. This is not ideal. Before the updates, it was working fine (the update was during February which was working fine. And when we update it in June, the issue started. Even in July update as well. We did raise a ticket on this issue.)

It sometimes feel difficult as we scale a business bigger, and issues that were liveable when inventory sales was smaller starts to become time consuming and frustrating when we got just slightly bigger.

And the system starts to lag a bit as well. With just 10 months of business data. Still liveable with it at the moment. Let’s see how things goes when we get bigger.

If it’s random, then you can’t reproduce the error. I don’t think it’s random through. I think there is a way to reproduce it where the same steps will always produce the same result.

Using Print button is not yet reliable for multi-page documents. You should use Email button to email yourself PDF file which you can print.

You need to be more specific what issues.

Can you provide more details on the size of your database? How many invoices or inventory items do you have? Manager is only now being optimized for larger datasets. For example, one company with 50,000 invoices had issue with reports on cash-basis where they took 10 seconds to generate. After the latest update, they take 2 seconds.

To resolve speed issues, I would definitely need to see your accounting file to see what exactly is causing the issue so it can be fixed. Not just for you but for everyone with large datasets.