Copy to Invoice from Purchase Order - Speed

Hello users have come to me requesting a copy to Invoice from the Purchase Order screen please. The motivation is speed to deliver an Invoice without re copying the data from the PO manually. Just so you know the Users do not have access to Purchase Invoices which has this functionality.
The only real unknown for these guys is the Courier Costs which will be reflected in the final Supplier Invoice which is not critical.

So in a nut shell the ability to copy from Purchase Order to Sale Invoice.

Can you explain how this workflow would make sense? A purchase order places an order with a supplier. Why do your users want to copy this to a sales invoice to a customer?

Speed to deliver Sales Invoices and users do not have access to Purchase Invoices. (I thought I wrote this?)

Yes, you justified your request on the basis of speed. But you did not explain why your user would want to create a sales invoice from a purchase order. What does one have to do with the other?

The users generate purchase orders and order product from suppliers where availability and all costs known. Before the Supplier even thinks about picking the product the customer Sales Invoice is already generated and emailed. Real speedy.

Yes once again I thought I did explain this “why your user would want to create a sales invoice from a purchase order”.

The users are not given access to the Purchase Invoice module because of their role. So to elaborate the finance officer handles the component of the business purchase invoices etc where the Purchase Invoice gets generated from the same purchase order raised by the sales crew.

Let me make a suggestion for your user/client. Generate a sales order when a customer orders something. That will record the incoming order. The sales order can then be copied to a purchase order, purchase invoice, sales invoice, and delivery note without further entries.

I have been asking for this feature for a very long time, but my request was from Purchase Quote to Sales Quote, however for some reason which baffles me, there is resistance for adding what should be a vary basic feature for workflow which both eliminates typo errors and saves time.

As you keep asking why, the reason why would be very simple to understand if you regularly worked with formal RFQ or Tenders and did this step manually with multiple line item quotes, multiple times a day, every day.

Step #1 receive an RFQ from client (email, fax, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, FB, Tender Portal/gateway, etc)

Step #2 copy RFQ/Tender requirement details into the Purchase Quote (without pricing) and send to various competing vendors to be able to compare price, availability, delivery schedules etc.
(note: sometimes the tender requires you to supply products from multiple vendors, so consider how this looks if for instance one enquiry - material sourced from two or more vendors plus any value adding by your labour as services)

Step #3 edit the Purchase Quote and re-issue to vendors when there is an enquiry variation on client RFQ/Tender and where vendor provides specific product details which improve the enquiry descriptions (i.e. part numbers, product long names, special features, product options, measurements, colour, packaging details, hazardous goods information, tariff exemptions, etc).
This process may be continually refined until you have the most suitable vendor with all details clearly defined.

Step #4 ***MISSING FEATURE *** copy all the line item details “verbatim” from Purchase Quote to Sales Quote, add then add mark-up + labour & freight and anything else and quote the client (knowing there are no variation errors between the vendor product and what you are offering your client).

Doing this manually is horrific, especially as in edit mode there are no line numbers visible, so copy and paste one line at a time gets nightmarish around line 30

Edit —>

Step #5 IF the client accepts your Sales Quote and issues a PO to your business, then …

  • Raise Sales Order from Sales Quote
  • Raise Purchase Order from Purchase Quote (reference SO & vendor quote ref.)
  • When invoiced by vendor Raise Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order (some are pay 100% up front)
  • When goods arrive perform service per SO with products from PO until project is completed
  • When job complete, close Sales Order and Raise Sales Invoice from Sales Order (some clients are as much as 60-90 days from invoice and acceptance of work/products)

Hi Tut been through this, your suggest reduces throughput performance and ignores the fact that the sales crew do not have access to Purchase Invoices.

They don’t need permissions for purchase invoices to create a sales invoice. My point was that a sales order can be copied to anything the business might need. According to your earlier post, the finance office handles purchase invoices. So the FO can copy from sales order to purchase invoice. The warehouse can copy from sales order to delivery note.

Yes we know about Sales Orders and the flow you mention some of our other businesses use that exact flow.

I am out of gas on this topic…

  1. it is about speed for the crew
  2. We believe the ability to copy from Purchase Order to Sale Invoice will give the desired result.

Cheers Gentlemen

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No need to be out of gas. I simply offered an alternative that avoids multiple inputs until your suggestion is implemented. The developer himself moved this topic into the ideas category.

This is a good idea! I probably would never use it as I have access to all the modules so would just copy from quote to invoice. But I can see the value in it for bigger organisations.

The latest version (21.5.36) allows to Copy to between all sales and purchase transactions.


  • Sales Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Invoices
  • Delivery Notes
  • Credit Notes
  • Purchase Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Goods Receipts
  • Debit Notes

They all have identical Copy to dropdown.



Thank you … Monday is going to be great for the crew!

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@lubos can you please include line-item custom fields in the copy to funclion when the name is the same
like we do with regular custom fields ?
i see no reason why not include them

@lubos you are a life saver … I’ve just used this function a number of times since implementation to generate new RFQ’s (Purchase Quotes) from historical Sales Quotes ( rapid templating), then edited/amended the new RFQ to any new/current requirements, then when the vendors competitive quotes are received to be able to copy the entire RFQ back to generate a new Sales Quote with all the line item details and notes copied verbatim.

I’ve already done a few of these old SQ => (edit) new RFQ’s => new SQ with over 50 line items long, and with lots of complex technical details & references, so must be copied without typos.

Believe me, this have been a major relief to an ongoing frustration … thank you so much.