Freight-in does not populate VAT Declaration

Hi there,

I noticed that the Freight-in ($100 - € 100,34) does not populate the VAT Concept Declaration (€856,91). While it appears normally in the Tax Summary (€ 957,25)


VAT amount is thus correct, but not the taxable amount

Here some shots.



Any help is appreciated.


No help at all?


Kindly test with the manual allocation of freight and give feedback.

Choose the inventory item but do not enter any figure for quantity to record the freight (second line item).

You can read more here: Add freight-in to inventory item costs | Manager

Manager does not pick up the freight cost for the tax reports in reports transformations when the Automatic freight-in distribution method is used to add the freight cost to inventory.

If the freight line item is the only line item, the error doesn’t happen. It only happens when an inventory item line is added.

You can easily reproduce the error in the business file that is attached. Please check the published report transformation.
Test (2022-11-12).manager (112 KB)

Apparently, it has not been corrected nor commented yet.
Can anyone look at it?
Thank you

A moderator placed this topic into the bugs category. He also asked you to perform a test and provide feedback. You ignored him. So, not only was your report commented on, you were asked to participate in providing necessary information for troubleshooting. This forum is for users to help other users, not a place to complain that you are not receiving the personal service you think you deserve.

@Tut, I am not complaining and am not aiming to any personal treatment. Just asking after several updates.
I didn’t know Abeiku was a moderator and didn’t understand I had to try or perform something.
I thought he was a fellow user confirming the bug, asking to check what I already did. That’s all.
However, thank you for giving me a lesson without knowing me, just by drawing your own conclusions.

Moderators are designated by the shield emblem next to their online identities.

@Rox this has been fixed in the latest version (

@lubos thank you. Much appreciated!!