Freight-in rounding problem

Hi. When I enter a Freight-in cost in units in the Purchase Invoice (eg: 1,101,205,304…) , the foreign exchange account appeared to be 0.01. But nothing will be affect if enter an integer (eg: 100, 500, 1000…). Is this a bug?

As you have hidden the qty figures it’s not possible to replica the maths, but anyway it is probably just a balancing issue due to the addition (totalling) of rounded decimal point figures.


I have tried to enter the qty, it still show 0.01 in the Foreign exchange gains (losses) account but why the details didn’t show (see Figure 3)? Will this affect if a lot of transactions using freight-in feature?

Figure 3 is correct - 14626.00 divided by 4 = 3656.50, but the individual inventory items after receiving their pro rata share of the Freight In must have added up to either 3656.49 or 3656.51, hence the .01 forex variance.

As stated previously, you have hidden the qty figures so its not possible to replica the maths.

Thank you for the clear explanation.