Unable to select Freight-in for inventory purchase

Hi All,

I am entering my inventory of the items i have purchased from my supplier which include delivery charges and this is also my first time using Manager. I have followed the guides available but i am still not able to see and select ‘Freight-in’ from the drop down list. I am only able to see all the inventory items that i have created manually. Am I missing something here?

What version are you using? Click About Manager to check.

Hi Lubos,

I am using version 16.4.48

The Freight-in is listed in alphabetical order - I’m on 16 3 69 and its listed

I have tried to look carefully and even used the magnifying glass next to it to search for Freight-in but to no avail…

Are you creating purchase invoice under Purchase Invoices tab or something else?

Under Cash on Hand, Cash at Bank and Journal it’s not listing

I am using Cash Accounts to make these purchases. All my dealings are on cash basis.

At the moment, i will be manually averaging the delivery charges and distribute them to the items bought as a workaround.

I don’t know exactly what you are trying to do, but did you review this topic: Allocating freight-in to the cost of inventory items when purchasing?

Hi Tut, that was the guide i referred to.

Freight-in is not supported on cash transactions, only on purchase invoices but it will be added to cash transactions too.

All their purchases are on a cash basis, so they don’t need to use the Suppliers or the Purchase Invoices tabs. Currently, the Freight-In feature covered by your referenced topic is only available under Purchase Invoices.

Therefore any purchases processed via Cash on Hand or Cash at Bank doesn’t have access to this feature, nor do any purchase adjustments done by Journal.

I was just checking. Depending on whether you look in the Forum listing or the old Guides list, it’s either pretty far down the list or not well named. It can be easy to miss.

I confess I never thought to check whether the feature applied to cash transactions. I made the mistake of assuming it would. Now I understand why @lubos asked you the question he did. I guess we’ll see that added soon.

Hi Lubos and all, thanks for the clarification and assistance. Will temporary manually calculate the freight in cost and distribute to the items purchased until the new feature is available.

Cheers! :slight_smile: