Freight-in charges appearing in Suspense

I updated Manager today and I am now noticing the Freight-in is changing to a suspense account. I only noticed it today while trying to clear out my suspense account transactions by categorizing them.

I do not believe the bug occurred in this build, but I have confirmed it in this build.

To reproduce, I changed an existing purchase invoice to add an additional freight-in line with $0. It shows up in suspense accounts. Checked the order in edit mode and the account now shows the category (previously an inventory on hand) and its now blank (no “suspense” in grey either, just blank). also noticed, when I updated the order after adding the $0 freight, it changed the existing freight over to blank, was inventory on hand.

I do not remember the build I was using before today, if I were to guess, I updated back in early/mid April.

I am wondering if this bug was created while the devs were trying to modify how freight-in has been handled in the inventory quantity (My last topic).

edit: I forgot to mention why I think this is not new exactly. I noticed it in suspense accounts for purchase invoices I created about a week or two ago.

Changing when? And from what? Can you illustrate with screen shots?

Why would you do this? The purpose of the Freight-in item is to prorate costs across the inventory items on a purchase invoice. If there is no no cost, you should not have a Freight-in line item. Nevertheless, I cannot reproduce this. A zero-amount Freight-in line does not show up in Suspense. The requested screen shots will show this behavior, if it is real and replicable.

This I can reproduce. But it is not connected to amounts. It happens no matter what the amount is. Yet the proper, prorated amounts are still posted to Inventory on hand for the affected inventory items. So the issue is only that the posting account does not show. The issue is not that the posting account has been deleted or is wrong. I will create a separate bug report on this.

I doubt it. Your last topic was about your disagreement over which transactions were included in a display. It did not reveal a bug, and no bug report was ever generated.

After so long I finally found the cause for this “feature” that so very much resembles a bug (I define a bug as any feature/code/calculation not working as expected). I no longer believe it to be a bug, but an explanation of my misusing invoices to track purchases would have been helpful.

If you create a purchase invoice for an item that does not directly affect an inventory item (example is next) and include a freight in charge (aka shipping), the suspense account gains the freight in entry as a negative value (value is correct, suspense is the wrong account). If you go back to the invoice, the freight in shows inventory on hand, not suspense.

example 1 (correct) I create an invoice to buy 100 bottles, add a freight in of 20. if an inventory item for bottles exists and the 100 bottles are tracked, freight in works as intended.

example 2 (incorrect) I create an invoice to buy 100 syringes, add a freight in of 20. I don’t keep inventory of syringes so they are not tracked, freight in becomes a -20 suspense entry in the summary.

I have since stopped using invoices for these types of purchases. I understand why this is happening, a normal invoice would distribute the value of the freight in across the inventory items. For this special case, I don’t know where it would go instead.

You never wrote anything about how you were using invoices. You only addressed a perceived problem with the Freight-in feature. But you did not answer critical questions 6 months ago, nor did you post requested screen shots. So it appeared you had solved your own problem.

Now that you have finally explained what you were doing, your mistake is obvious. And you have apparently already discovered it. The Freight-in line item only distributes costs across previously defined and included inventory items. With no inventory items, there is nowhere to put the charge, so it remains in Suspense. This was not a bug. It is how the program is designed to work, and is explained in the Guide: Add freight-in to inventory item costs | Manager

There is no reason to stop using purchase invoices for purchase of things that are not inventory items. You just cannot use the built-in Freight-in item. Instead, add a separate line item with nothing designated in the Item field. You must select an appropriate expense account to post the shipping charge to.

As I wrote in my response last May, this was a separate issue and was separated into a new bug report. That bug was fixed in August 2018 in version 18.8.60. The fix was announced on the Releases page the same day.