Freight-in on Purchase Invoice

version 19.7.39
when we used Freight-in, it shown suspense
when print out shown blank desc

Are you using the Inventory Tab?

The Freight-in line item only distributes costs across previously defined and included inventory items. With no inventory items, there is nowhere to put the charge, so it remains in Suspense . This was not a bug. It is how the program is designed to work, and is explained in the Guide:

Your description is blank because you did not enter one. And the feature only works for inventory items in the Inventory on hand control account. We don’t know whether your text book is an inventory item, but it is posted to a different account.

As @Joe91 said, this is not a bug.

using inventory item with custom control account

yes, it’s inventory item

using custom control account

please help us check
this is problem in custom control account

we can send db for checking
thank you

can anyone advice us? how to resolve that issue?

There is no issue to resolve. Your question was answered in posts #2 and #3. If you are going to use custom accounts, your only choice is to enter freight charges via manual allocation. This is explained in the first section of Guide that was linked to.

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt, you seem very confused about this. Let me try to simplify things for you.

  • The Freight-in item distributes freight charges among inventory items on a purchase invoice. But it can only distribute to the Inventory on hand default control account.
  • If you assign an inventory item to a custom control account, the Freight-in item will no longer work for it.
  • If all inventory items are assigned to custom control accounts, as yours are, the Freight-in item posts to the Suspense account and can no longer be used at all.
  • If you want all your inventory items to be in custom control accounts, that is absolutely acceptable. But you sacrifice the use of the freight-in feature. You must manually allocate freight charges to individual inventory items. You do this by posting the freight charge (or portion of the freight charge) to the inventory item directly, but with a blank quantity, as explained in the Guide on this subject.

I thought this was a bug because Freight-in item should support inventory items under custom control account. And it actually does. I can’t reproduce this issue.

I’ve created inventory items under custom control accounts, used Freight-in item and it works correctly. Nothing is posted to Suspense.

There were originally two issues involved in @San_Thida_Myo_Latt’s complaint:

  1. Freight-in charges going to Suspense.
  2. Usability of the Freight-in item with custom control accounts for inventory.

The first problem occurred because @San_Thida_Myo_Latt did not follow the Guide on freight-in. Instead of leaving the Qty field blank, a quantity of 1 was entered.

The second problem I investigated and modeled, but did not go far enough. Here is what I did before putting this issue in the bugs category, @lubos :

  • Created a Custom inventory control account
  • Created two inventory items, A and B
  • Assigned A to the default Inventory on hand control account
  • Assigned B to the Custom inventory control account
  • Purchased 10 of each inventory item for $10 per piece
  • Added Freight-in of $50 <—This was the point of confusion

Here is the purchase invoice:

Notice that the Freight-in charge is posted by default to Inventory on hand. That cannot be changed, even though another control account is involved for Inventory item B. That fact is why I categorized the behavior as a bug.

However, going further, I now see that the Freight-in charge has been properly divided between the two control accounts in both the Summary and Inventory Items tabs, with average cost of all inventory items being correctly adjusted upwards:


Proper apportioning occurs when quantities or prices are adjusted, too. So, the accounting is all correct. But the Edit screen of the purchase invoice conveys incorrect information about where the Freight-in charge will be posted. The question is what might be done to remove confusion and make the Edit screen match what the program actually does with Freight-in item charges.

OK, I get it now.

To address the confusion in the future, I’m planning to remove Freight-in item and turn it into a checkbox on purchase invoice. That way there won’t be ability to enter quantity and it won’t show the account name (as the amount could be spread across multiple control accounts so showing one account doesn’t really make sense in the context).

That would be more intuitive.

If it is just a check box, how does one record the 10% GST charged on freight?
At the moment it is sometimes easy to forget to include it when entering purchase invoices as it can’t be allocated a default tax rate.

I assume checking the box would cause fields to appear for the amount and, if one or more tax codes are in existence, for selection of a tax code.