Format inconsistency

The default account titles for Expense Claims and Fixed Assets are inconsistent with the rest of Manager. Elsewhere, only initial capitals have been used. But on those two accounts, both words are capitalized. Even if one overwrites the account name, some reports use the default names.

I know this is small, but when you have a chance, you might correct that so report formats are uniform. (The same thing may be true on a few other accounts, but these are the only ones I use that have the problem.)

No, I’m glad someone is pointing this out. The reason why it’s like that is because names of tabs on the left are capitalizing all letters while account names don’t. (Expense Claims and Fixed Assets are names of tabs too)

Since Manager is being translated to different languages, I’m trying to re-use terms as much as possible to reduce amount of stuff to be translated. This leads to some inconsistencies you have pointed out.

For now, I have no good solution other than making translators to translate both variations Expense claims and then again Expense Claims which makes me feel guilty to go that route.

Which reports continue using default names even after renaming those accounts? That’s something I would fix straight away.

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I cannot guarantee this list is complete, because I don’t use all reports or have transactions that would cause them to be fully populated. But here is what I observe using v14.9.24:

  1. Account titles in the Summary all appear to follow the initial-capital-only formatting convention.

  2. Balance Sheet all appears correctly. I overwrote the default Fixed Assets with Fixed assets, and it appears in the changed format. I did the same thing with Expense Claims, changing it to Expense claims, and the change flows through to Balance Sheet. Both default titles appear in the chart of accounts, greyed out, beneath my changes, with all words still capitalized.

  3. Statement of Changes in Equity shows Expense Claims in the default format, with all initial capitals. This heading clearly comes from somewhere besides my chart of accounts, because if I substitute something unrelated, the report still shows Expense Claims. Other entries in the equity category show my revised titles, including my substitution of Owner's equity for Capital accounts and sub-account titles such as Drawing. I can’t tell if there are other problems, because few transactions have affected equity.

  4. Cash Summary has no problems I can find.

  5. Trial Balance has no problems I can find.

  6. General Ledger Summary has no problems I can find.

  7. Fixed Asset Summary includes a line labeled Accumulated Depreciation under every asset. This is neither the default account title (Fixed assets, accumulated depreciation) nor the title I have overwritten. So it must be a heading built into the report structure. At any rate, it capitalizes both words.

I hope this helps. If there are other things I can check, I’m happy to do that. I’ve said before on this forum that this software seems to have been custom designed for my business. Helping improve it further is the least I can do. :smile: