Expanding fixed assets and capital subaccounts in SoFP/Balance Sheet


First off, I have to say, Manager is pretty amazing for small business accounts; none of that confusing nature with some tools, while staying complex enough for a person who knows a bit of accounting to use their knowledge properly.

Moving on, one small problem I am facing right now is when it comes to my Balance Sheets generated from Manager, all fixed assets, provisions for depreciation, and capital accounts are all bunched together as one in the report, with no distinction made between the assets. What I would be looking for, preferably, is something like this:

->Fixed Assets
->Less:- Provision for depreciation

->Capital accounts
->->->Funds brought in
->->->Funds brought in

I’m really sorry if that’s confusing, but basically → indicates an indentation, or a level, in the Balance Sheet.

Is there a way to get subaccounts to appear in the SoFP? TIA!

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Assets can be placed into groups on the balance sheet. See Build a chart of accounts | Manager.

Fixed assets can be assigned to custom control accounts. See Purchase fixed assets | Manager and Add custom control accounts | Manager.

Right now, depreciation cannot be posted to individualized accounts on the balance sheet. It all goes to Fixed assets - accumulated depreciation. This question has been asked and answered several times before in the forum. You should search before posting new questions. For example, see Categorize depreciation under its own head account.

Capital accounts cannot be broken down as finely as your example on the balance sheet. All that information is available on the Capital Accounts Summary under Reports.

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Thank you once again for your help.

I made groups for many other things, but what I was really looking for was control accounts for the fixed assets, which works how I need it.

It’s unfortunate about the depreciation, but I can make do with the asset reports. I actually did search with many keywords (including expand, depreciation, fixed assets, sub accounts, balance sheet etc…), on both Google and in the forums, but I guess none of the keywords matched. Hopefully I have left enough here for the next person looking for this.

I managed to make do with the capital accounts by creating control accounts for those as well, called Share Capital, and using the Capital Accounts Summary for everything else.

Once again, thanks for both of your replies.

In the future, search the Guides, then the forum. Searching with Google is more likely to lead you astray. See Search the Guides | Manager.