Form Defaults Recurring Invoices

In form defaults, Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices, you can select either due date or net days eg 14 days.

With Recurring Sales Invoices, you only have net days (which I happen to want). However, with Recurring Purchase Invoices, you only have due date available. I would prefer to set this to 14 days.

The reason being is that while the purchase is automatically created on the 18th of every month, I only do my bank import every week or two weeks depending on how busy it has been. So the default is that some invoices always show as overdue if you don’t do your bank import the very next day!

Could Form Defaults Recurring Invoices have the same functionality as form defaults Sales/Purchase Invoices?

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i think the suggestion should be to make all features in sales/purchase invoice forms available in recurring sales/purchase invoices.

form defaults is just a clone of the original form. so the improvements should happen to the original form.

This is only a difference in labeling on the recurring invoice forms. For both recurring sales invoices and recurring purchase invoices, you can only set the number of days until the due date. On neither can you set an actual calendar date. (That is because, for a recurring invoice, the due date will change with every instance of the recurring invoice.)

Try one in your test business and see what I mean. While the recurring purchase invoice form is labeled only as Due date, the resulting purchase invoice Edit screen will show that the Net option has been selected.

Recurring sales and purchase invoices already have the same functionality as each other, but cannot completely match the regular forms, as implementing the By option for Due date is impossible in either case.

See my answer to @dalacor above. No improvements are needed to the original forms. Both are identical regarding due dates. With respect to due dates, the recurring forms cannot completely match the original forms because the dates cannot be set in advance for recurring invoices.

I have done a test on this in my test business and I can see that you are correct. It does set it for 14 days. However, I would still like the default forms to be modified slightly because there are inconsistencies in the view.

If you go to recurring sales invoices, the form looks like this:

Whereas Recurring Purchase Invoice looks like this:

recurring purchase invoice

As you can see you have “Net and “Days” showing in recurring sales, but not in recurring purchase. So it’s inconsistent - especially when you look at purchase invoices and sales invoices where you see Net days or By in the dropdown on the actual invoice edit form. If you are using “Net” and SDays” on the actual invoice form and in recurring sales invoices and on form defaults invoices (both sales and purchases), then you must have “Net” and “Days” on the Recurring Purchase Inform form default.

It is confusing because it looks like the due date is the 14th of ever month, not 14 days! You are correct that it is setting how I want it, but the form default makes it appear that it’s setting the date for the 14th not 14 days. So I would classify this as a bug as it’s inconsistent with every other invoice form and more to the point is actually confusing.